SambaDá Tour Dates

SambaDá Reveres and Reinvents Samba and Surf-Rock

There’s a beach where one sunny afternoon you may witness an offering to an Afro-Brazilian Orixa spirit of the ocean, the next day watch master capoeristas practicing Brazil’s martial art dance form, and still another day join a gathering of thousands of surfers-com-dancers rocking out to hybrid musical sounds informed by bloco afro (Afro-Brazilian percussion music), samba-reggae, surf-rock, and California funk. No, these are not the shores of Bahia, Brazil. This is Santa Cruz, California, home of the surf-and-skate,capoeira-kicking, scene-busting phenomenon known as SambaDá. This smoldering and soldering band is a magnet of unexpected particles shaved from Brazilian and American sources. This community of people—their local fanbase and their Brazilian ancestors, their people—are honored in the title of SambaDá’s new album Gente! (February 23, 2010).

SambaDá Tour Dates:
02/11/2010, Thu Crystal Bay, NV Crystal Bay Casino Tahoe
02/12/2010, Fri Nevada City, CA Miner’s Foundry
02/13/2010, Sat Reno, NV The Underground
03/05/2010, Fri Santa Cruz, CA Moe’s Alley
03/06/2010, Sat Santa Cruz, CA Moe’s Alley
03/13/2010, Sat San Francisco, CA Independent


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