They should change the price of EVERYTHING to FREE

In a conversation with whome I consider another sound highly intelligent human being we came across one of the many debates of  today’s society.  Should we work for a living, should we pay for things, should everything be Free?!?

I’de work for free if the cost of everything was free, you see its a common Capitalistic belief that if everything is free everyone would be listless lazy louts, and if we are unchallenged, we don’t challenge our selves. I subscribe to the complete utter opposite of that belief, and no the complete utter opposite is not Communism nor Socialism the political view point of the  pilosophy of Communism – don’t get it twisted there’s Politics; ‘Socialist or Democrat or Libertarian’,and then there’s Philosophy; ‘Communism, Capitalism etc’ –  What I subscribe to is that if you were to free people from the constraints of  ECONOMIC SLAVERY to do what they love with the passion and fire burning in their hearts then we as a people would be a more efficient, productive and dare I say it, peaceful and Harmonious.

First case and Point, in the 1800’s the invention of the traffic light by Garret Morgan. Morgan is credited with inventing the Traffic Light,  What may surprise many is that he also made his fortune on the invention of the first ‘Hair Cream’ and the ‘Gas Mask.’  The invention of the ‘Traffic Light’ was not for monetary gain, but was a human endeavor.

“Morgan felt compelled to try to solve safety problems of the day. One day he witnessed a traffic accident when an automobile collided with a horse and carriage. The driver of the automobile was knocked unconscious and the horse had to be destroyed. He set out to develop a means of automatically directing traffic without the need of a policeman or worker present. He patented an automatic traffic signal which he said could be “operated for directing the flow of traffic” and providing a clear and unambiguous “visible indicator.” – src:

Flash forward the 40’s & 50’s and you can also note Amelia Earhart’s and Charles Lindbergh’s feats of Aviation. Or how about Landing a man on the moon.  Neither of those were for monetary gain, nor can I tink of any monetary gains since, but for National Pride as it were stated at the time and now.

Even to this day Richard Branson a Mogul, Tycoon, Adventurer, Founder of Virgin (I hate their Phone company) who is so rich he is not subject to economic slavery is now doing his own funding, his own reasearch in to GEOTHERMAL, HYDRO and TIDAL POWER, AIR TRAVEL via Space, and again not driven by profit but by the very challenge to fill a human need. Same thing can be said of men who climb mountains ask him why he climbs it and often he’ll reply “Because its THERE”-Shatner in Star Trek 3.

Now let me state the obvious, we grind our selves for the mighty dollar so we can maintain an ideal lifestyle, Sadly that ‘ideal’ lifestyle is based on the ‘MTV CRIBS’ life. “Oh Look at my Crib, My Whip, My Game System in My Whip” we say  “oh the TheRims, the rims on my Whip, oh the dubbity dub dub dubs, throw some diamond encrusted Ds on it, damn anybody got $3.00 for a  Happy Meal”. To that I say this – what are most families in Haiti concerned about at this very moment? The Rims on their cars orthe fact that the rims are attached to a car crushed by a ton of concrete.  Basically we have some crazy priorities whichfurther enforces the current situation.

It has created this vicious machine that prevents us even if we want to from CREATING, INVENTING, ACHEIVING, PRODUCING for thesake of National pride, for the development of our species as a whole.  I myslef have a number of ideas to help the ‘HUMAN EQUATION’ but I have not the time, energy or means for I am so divided amongst the tasks I have to undertake to just, feed, shelter and clothe myself and my loved ones.

This society this system which is entirely of our own creation, whether we be a victim, producer or supporter of it, leads to the in stability we are currently enjoying, where wars are fought, lives are lost for what is all essentially Economic gaines which help no one but the 4 dudes in a room that started the fight but dont actually get into the fight.  I mean has no one noticed that practically every single war, yes EVERY SINGLE WAR is in a region with a valued resource? Look at the Diamond mines in Africa (the Congo, Blood Diamonds), the Oil Fields in the Middle East or how about war in Third World countries for one of the grandest resources ‘Peope’ in what amounts to modern day Slave labour.

This current heirarchal society of Rich vs. Poor where the top 5% control the other 95% via economic powers will eventually fail, it has to fail for it already has many, many times before this and we just keep on repeating it. They say if you don’t learn from history your doomed to repeat it.  Well here we are repeating history, case and point the Ancient Egyptian Empire which grew so big with its own greed Collapsed on itself, and in that group are The Perisan Empire, the Macedonian Empire, and The Roman Empire to name the more popular ones.

Take the Romans.  They say the Roman Empire, though conquored by Visi Goths, Huns, Thracians whome they called Barbarians, had already conquored itself via curropt politicians (sound familiar?) who when not degrading each other to get ahead and get more power and money(sound familiar) waged war with foreign countries under the guise of spreading peace, tranquility and freedom  (AGAIN SOUND FAMILIAR?)

I believe we are witnessing that failure right here and now, our politicans are certainly currupt, just look at how many Governors and Senate leaders were either arrested, caught cheating, caught lying, caught stealing in the past year? Any number above 1 is too damn high.  The Barbarians of today are the terrorist, they’re not one group but many groups AL Quada, Taliban, etc, disgusting as they are they are, like the Thracians, Huns and Visi Goths they are waiting in the wings ready and plotting to strike as we destroy ourselves knowingly and unknowingly.  With that I believe the idealogy of EVERYTHING IS FREE poses some charming solutions to what is the root of many of our problems today, and one would think that be money.  NO, it is the limitation and restrictions of our natural resources by liking them to money.

Money unnecessarily restricts the natural resources we have. These natural resources, much like the lands we wage war over for those resources belong to no one individual, no one group, no one peoples, they belong to us ALL as a WHOLE.  I understand that the current monetery system grew from centuries of trade which took us out of the former economic system, the BARTER SYSTEM.  I am not asking we fall back to that, but realize as we grew in population and the world became smaller and people got bigger, we evolved from THE BARTER SYSTEM to the current MONETARY SYSTEM, I believe Especially now with the power of the internet our system is once again evolving, except now it is being held back from its natural evolution by the Heralds of the Current system, you see the CURRENT SYSTEM is more easily manipulated and controlled by the powers that be than the BARTER system, as the value of everything is decided by the those powers tat be. Those Heralds of the current system and powers that be are the Politicians
you vote for, they’re the Banks and Corporations we give our money to.

Now we are not completely down trodden and beaten, though the tone of this writing could be suggesting that.  What I am trying to get across are the facts, and some of my opinions and that I believe we can regain control, we can break the cycle here and now, but it won’t happen by you just punching a chad and there by putting in a new Herald of the Powers That be in control of the reigns, as he is just another leash (this Leash says HOPE and CHANGE all over it) NO, it happens by YOU ensuring that hope and change happen, it happens by YOU holding these leaders accountable, by YOU Staying

Informed (note: just reading the post is NOT staying informed, go through various media sources internet and/ or print to get a full omplete story from both sides of any story) and when they fail or lie in their promise, protest like Martin did, and if the protest doesn’t work Raise your fist like Malcom did. And if that don’t work SIT ON YOUR WALLET and hit’em where it REALLY hurts.

Change your priorities, by re-evaluating our priorities we can fight back, by investigating the places we spend our money. Before you buy something ask your self, what does this clothing brand or sneaker company, or record label represent, do they use child labour in 3rd world countries, do they use 3rd party companies that use child labour? Ask yourself before you get a mortgage, is this a bank like Bank of America or Chase or Meryll Lynch whome were basically Co-pilots in the Whole Sub Prime Lending and Re-Financing Scheme?  Could I be their next victim/ am I enabling them to victimize more people?

Basically think before you act.

p.s. FOR ALL you New Yorkers lets fight back at the MTA, try to limit as much as possible your usage of the Transit and Rail

systems. Where possible ride a bike or walk, especially in the upcomming summer of 2010. Please.


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