New Styles: iMergeAndSee in Riddim Driven Clothing

DJ. iMergeAndSee founder of rocks the freshest gear from Riddim Driven Clothing, the apparel arm of VP Records Distribution / Greensleeves Publishing. Riddim Driven Clothing was founded in 2005 by VP founder Patricia Chin. Having brought cribbean culture through 50 years of Music with VP Records and Randys Records in Jamaica, she continues the Trend with Apparel and Clothing.

Here we have iMergeAndSee in the 17 North Parade Classics T-Shirt, a tribute to the Address that Started it All 17 North Parade St. in Kingston Jamaica where VP got its start as a Retail store and recording studio known as Randy’s. And he is also clad in the Trenchtown Rockers versus Soundboy Killers Long Sleeves Tee, 2 of the Biggest Sounds that brought the Reggae and Dancehall sound to the peoples.

The Label and Clothing are both reminiscent of Jamaica’s motto, Out of Many One People.
Visit the Riddim Driven Clothing Online Shop

Photos by: Jun Han and Luky Ng


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