Flotation Tuesday June 15th w/ Live Painting!

Biggups to Marthalicia Mattarita for helping us build our bi-weekly extravaganza by sending her brothers (Jorge and Thomas) to join us last week for some live painting. This coming Tuesday Jorge Mattarita will be back, this time joined by Marthalicia and Shawn. Ezra Wine will be joining us as well, bringing Daman Diawara and Arfan Ghani from The Five Twelve Collective. Shoutout to all the Downtown Kids! (SOHO, W. Vill, L.E.S)

Flotation Tuesday
The First and Third Tuesday of every month
Soul-Boogie-Hip Hop-R&B-Pop-Classics + More

Hosted by
The Flotation Crew

w/ DJ’s
M.C. K~Swift

+ Live Painting by
Shawn Salgado, Marthalicia & Jorge Matarrita

The Five Twelve Collective:

**** Daman Diawara & Introducing Arfan Ghani


**** Ezra Wine’s Fashion Designs

Complimentary Snacks

No Cover

Sit at the bar, on a couch, have a smoke out back, or get your dance on anywhere you wish, just don’t forget to bring a friend and/or eat a cookie 🙂

Follow us: twitter.com/flotationnyc

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