Watch The State Of The Union 2011 Live On YouTube–Then Ask Obama Your Questions (VIDEO)

On the Thursday following the State of the Union address, President Obama will spend forty-five minutes answering questions from a group of citizens that may include a homeless man, an unemployed Marine, and a high-schooler.
Technology has repeatedly disrupted the way politicians interact with their constituents and it is happening yet again. Radio’s moment came in the 1940s, television upended politics in the 1960s, and now the Web is forcing politicians to connect with Americans more quickly and personally than ever before. 
YouTube will not only be among the sites live streaming President Obama’s State of the Union address on Tuesday evening, it will also, for the second year in a row, be hosting a question and answer session with the President, to be streamed live over the Internet, during which people will have the opportunity to pose their questions about healthcare, education police, and unemployment directly to the president.

Read more at Huffington Post


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