New Wonder from the Land Down Under: Stirling

Ladies and Gentleman, I’d like to introduce Stirling: the best thing to come out of Australia since Steve Irwin(haha that rhymes). But seriously, these guys are fantastic.

Stirling is a band of three people: Lisa, Alan, and Matt Stirling. Lisa provides vocals powerful enough to fill a stadium without a microphone yet sweet enough to put the most miserable baby to sleep. Matt keeps the tempo with excellent drumming, he doesn’t show off or try to outplay the other instruments like a lot of drummers I have heard do, he gives the track exactly what it needs to get listeners dancing or nodding their heads. Alan provides everything else, including the production.
The melodies and riffs are catchy, memorable, and harmonized very well. The music is very well produced, nothing stands out too much and nothing is overshadowed, it’s as if Alan took each instrument and threw it in a blender to create the perfect mix.
As for arrangement, the songs aren’t too long or too short, they’re made so that the listener will sit down for the entire song and feel satisfied. These guys and gal are one of my favorite independent artists on Reverbnation, and I’m sure they will become one of your faves too!


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