Got France in a Trance: Mégan D

There are many teenage girls that dream of being singers but few have a voice that can take them far enough to achieve their goals: Mégan Dubruille is one of those few. Mégan is a gifted 17 year old vocalist, songwriter, and producer from France who does a little DJing on the side. Did I mention she’s only 17? Mégan’s control over her voice is superb: excellent dynamics, great pitch control, wonderful breath support, and a clear beautiful tone.

I had the pleasure of working with her on her first original work “Running in the Rain”, it was a great honor. She recently came out with a song she did herself called “The Flames of the Property” in which she debuts her talent for songwriting and producing. When I first heard it I was in awe, I knew she could sing but I had no idea she could make such a great song on her own. I thought to myself: she’s going to go very far in her music career.
I don’t know how else I could describe Mégan, she is just an artist that you have to hear for yourself. The minute you do, I guarantee you will fall in love!


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