Italian Pop Princess Daisy Daniels

In a garden of ambitious artists there’s one flower that stands out the most: Daisy Daniels. Daisy was born in a small town in Italy, and dreams of leaving her home to explore the big world around her. How is she going to do it? Through the power of music!

Daisy’s interest in music began as a young girl. She saw artists such as Britney Spears on television and thought to herself: I want to do that! Now a lot of girls may want to be pop stars and they don’t have what is necessary to make it: but Daisy does! She has the looks, the vocal ability, and the songwriting talent.
Daisy has excellent control of her voice: good dynamics, clean tone, and an A+ vocal performance. She interprets the lyrics and expresses her emotions when she sings, she also has attitude and a presence in her vocals that tell you she means business. Her songwriting is at a high level, her hooks are catchy and she jots down some meaningful lyrics that most listeners are bound to relate to.
This young woman has everything necessary to be a hit in the music industry, and when she makes it, she’s going to be big; I can guarantee that.


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