Cash Lewis Makes Another Banging Track and That’s Predictable.

It’s easy to predict that any track written by Cash Lewis is going to be banging, and “Unpredictable” is no exception. Even Hip-Hop superstar Wiz Khalifa, who can be heard speaking at the beginning of the track, agrees!

“Unpredictable” is a song about a man being deceived by his significant other, and the unpredictable nature of women and relationships in general. Lewis not only shares his usual killer flow, but he also displays his singing ability in the chorus and it’s just as good.

The lyrics are poetic and well developed: Lewis provides metaphors that display his lyrical genius which can be heard in lines such as “She was an Iceberg, my heart Titanic…so I sank in her Atlantic” and “If you wanna test me I’ll leave you hanging there, just like my black jacket on the back of my reclining chair”. The most important thing about Cash’s writing is he’s not a liar like almost every other rapper out there.
Turn on the radio to a Hip-Hop station, you’ll hear crappers (not rappers, crappers) brag about money, all the women they get, and how perfect their life is, but 99.9999% of the time they’re lying. With Cash Lewis there’s no bullshit.
In “Unpredictable” his lyrics are motivational and uplifting, and I know that there are millions of men out there that can relate to this song. If you’re in a bad relationship or just had your heart broken, this song will definitely help you pick yourself up and move on. There aren’t many Hip-Hop artists out there who can write a track like that!
Once Cash Lewis gets his big break, he is definitely going to change the rap game the same way Jordan changed Basketball. That’s not just my opinion, that’s a fact! So check out and download “Unpredictable”, it’s definitely going to be your new favorite song.

The song was produced by Johnny Juliano, and mixed/arranged by Chris True at Sanctuary Studios

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