Sing Along With Jaki Song

It’s time to introduce you all to another incredibly talented artist : Jaki Song. Jaki is a wonderful vocalist/songwriter based in Canada and of Korean heritage. Song is a common Korean family name, and it’s just perfect that Jaki decided to be a songwriter.
Her voice is a blessing. It has the power and presence of a choir, but is sweet enough that it could make the most miserable old man smile.
Her songwriting skills are top class. The vocal melodies remain in your head for days and you’ll want to sit down through the song from start to finish over and over. The instrumentals have memorable riffs, mesmerizing harmonies, and drum rhythms that make your body move.
Her work is in various genres but if I’m to classify Song’s music it would be under the category “Amazing”. So check out Jaki Song, you’ll regret it if you don’t!


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