Autotune Isn’t the Magic Tool Everyone Thinks It Is

Ok, so I just watched NigaHiga’s new video about Rebecca Black’s catastrophe of a song “Friday”. In it he compares himself to Black saying his music is just like her’s: he writes about what he does on a daily basis and he Autotunes himself because he can’t sing. Now that reminded me that a lot of people believe Autotune is a magic tool that can be used to convert a bad singer into a good one, but guess what. IT’S NOT!!!!

Autotune was not invented to make people better singers. Only vocal training and practice can do that. It’s purpose is to correct an instrument’s pitch; yes, I said instrument. Autotune can be used to correct pitch on instruments too, not just voice (wow!). It can also save time.

If you’ve done 100 takes on a new song and finally on #100 Autotune analyzes the pitch in an audio recording. After analysis, Autotune shifts the pitch according to how you set it: and yes, Autotune is not as automatic as you may think. It is a dumb program that will do only what you tell it to do.

If the song is in the key of C major, you have to set the Autotune program to C major. The notes are C D E F G A B in the C Major scale. Autotune will correct your pitches to these notes, specifically the closest one. For example, if the song is in C but you sing a C#, Autotune will shift that pitch to C or D. If you are slightly sharp or flat, say on C, Autotune will either raise or lower your pitch to C. That’s cool but it can create a problem….Click to read more


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