The Social Media Performance: Stand out in the crowd

Today anybody and everybody with some creative thought and the aid of apps a laptop or even just an Android or iPhone can flood the market place with professional sounding (not necessarily professional quality) products that compete with your work. To then find success for your project, be it financial success or to reach a mass audience means you have to set yourself further apart and stand out more from the noise of the crowd. However there is an equal flood of programs boasting promises the road to fame. In trying to pick from amongst them you your self can get lost in this in the same manner your potential fan may be lost. 

I myself have worked at the forefront of this developing field of New Media over 10 years for some of the top Independent Labels like Putumayo World MusicNomadic Wax and VP Records. Along with other colleagues I have surfed the New Media wave, nearly drowning in fails like Friendster and Kickapps to rising success in Youtube and Facebook. Here in this series of articles we will deliver some tips my colleagues and I have found through experience that can aid you in creating your presence in the digital marketplace to capture an audience that can lead to success for your project.

Now when you consider releasing a new project the work really begins well before you even pick your release date. You need to begin audience accumulation from the start; a fan base can often help bring success and sometimes support the process of your project. The most obvious today is a Social network page with Facebook. We first had MySpace which is still around but was short lived due to its spam based nature. Today the popular medium is by far and large Facebook. They have managed to develop a system that lets you enjoy the social and sharing benefits once brought by the likes of MySpace without the incessant spamming by developing a unique privacy control system and news feed control that allows the user to quickly sort through the clutter to get to what they truly want. Furthermore they have integrated a sharing and recommendation feature that incorporates content between friends and user interests…Click to read more

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