You Ain’t Too Busy to Miss This Music!

                Hailing from Rochester, New York but bred in the Bronx is the DJ/Producer Zabi Rodriguez aka YouAintBusy. Unlike many artists in the world, he isn’t making music to get some dollars bills and sleep with women. He’s doing it because he LOVES it! Now isn’t that something?
               YouAintBusy is an architect of electronic dance music in the trance and hardstyle..styles. His music is filled with some heavy bass and banging kick drums. So if you feel your house shaking, don’t worry, because it’s not an earthquake. It’s just Rodriguez’s productions skills filling the room with some serious vibrations. 
              The melodies in his music are catchy, but they are not short of complexity which is a true sign of compositional genius. Rodriguez has also got a keen ear for combining samples and synths. Like the way a master Chef combines ingredients to bake a cake, YouAintBusy blends together various sounds to create one hell of an auditory dish!
              So if you’re ready to start raving and pumping your fists so hard that you put a crack in the air around you, then check out YouAintBusy. You won’t be disappointed!

You can Check out YouAintBusy at the following websites:
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