The Fission Breakers.

        Utah isn’t exactly a state known for producing great rock bands, but The Fission Breakers may just break the mold. They are a trio of super talented young men: Patrick Oberg on Keyboard/Vocals,  Travis Woolston on Lead Guitar, and  Jonathan Pillling on Percussion.

      The Fission Breakers have a psychedelic/blues rock sound reminiscent of great acts from the 1960s like The Beatles and The Animals. I could just picture them playing alongside the legends that performed at Woodstock 1969.

     Their songs have catchy choruses, impressive guitar solos (my favorite solo is on the track “The Trees”), rocking keyboard and guitar riffs, slick keyboard skills, dynamic drumming, and valiant vocals. The songwriting is superb. Each track is structured so that the listener will sit down and enjoy the full song: none of them are too long or too short. ….Click to read more

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