He May be from Singapore; but he Sure Doesn’t Sing Poor!

            This is by far the most impressive musician I have heard so far. His name is Jeremy Koh, and he is an operatic Baritone from Singapore.
Overall, I was blown away by his performance. He has an incredibly clean tone; great breath support: he is able to sustain long notes while maintaining a steady pitch, clarity, and volume; and his dynamics are top-notch. Koh delivers an emotional performance each time; you can really tell he has poured his heart and soul into each piece.
In his performances of “Silent Noon” and “O Del Mio Dolce Amor”, his voice is as powerful as an army yet as calm and soothing as a lake, and for a few seconds in “Silent Noon” he maintains a high note that sounds as sweet and pleasing as a gourmet dessert. His performance of Già il sole dal Gange demonstrates his ability to flawlessly crescendo and decrescendo with his voice. It could take me pages to praise all of this man’s vocal abilities.
So have a listen to Jeremy Koh, it is well worth your time. No, actually it is priceless. Every moment spent listening to Koh’s voice is a moment more valuable than anything in this world. His voice is a gift that your ears will receive and treasure for the rest of your life. 

Playlist by jeremykoh89

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