[SPONSORED POST] Say “NEJ” to Limited Data With Sprint!


[THIS POST IS SPONSORED BY SPRINT] Have you ever hit a wall at full speed while trying to stay within the limits of your shared data plan? It sounds like you may need a life coach to help you keep track of your usage. No, how about a data life coach? Wait, even better: a Datacoach!

Luckily for you, we’ve got a real life Datacoach primed, ready and at your service just in time for the holidays. Consider him your very own personal trainer for all things data-related, and he has plenty of old-school tips on how to stay within the limits of your plan. Today’s workout? Get warmed up for the “Dataless Check-In,” ergonomically designed to help you keep track of how much data is left in your monthly plan. But wait. That seems like a little too much legwork for a cellphone plan, doesn’t it? Why don’t you just leave your old, archaic data plan in the Stone Age and join the telephonic future with the help of Sprint?

Fortunately, Sprint now offers truly unlimited data plans, which means there’s no longer any need to watch your data usage. It’s your phone, so use it as you please, for however long you please; no outdated workouts necessary. This holiday season, say “NEJ” to limited data plans and “YES” to Sprint! But before you fire our poor old Datacoach, at least do him the favor of watching his video. Even if you don’t need his help anymore, he still might make you smile.

Source Article from http://www.thelmagazine.com/TheMeasure/archives/2012/12/17/sponsored-post-say-nej-to-limited-data-with-sprint
[SPONSORED POST] Say "NEJ" to Limited Data With Sprint!
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