Peaceful War by Live Higher

This is that Fire, Peaceful War by Live Higher


New Music: Home Sweet (El Barrio)

Just got another new one from 2070 FEDI, and its a Grand Slam. This cut brings us over to the Upper, UPPER, East Side, Spanish Harlem by Tito Puento Way, 116th Street & Lex, Taino Towers, I am speaking of course ‘El Barrio’. Despite massive gentrification this neighborhood still keeps its unique charms as penned by the lyrics of this track. Do us all a favor, pop a speaker on the window and turn this joint uP!!!

Shout out to Neighborhoodr and to ART IS OUR EMBASSY for the dope imagery.

New Music Video + Download: Romancing the Stoned by Apoc

The sheer brilliance alone of this video from Apoc, a featured track on his album,  Boredom Springs Anew demands recognition.  This one is highly recommended, as I listened to each track on his bandcamp I thought “this is like peeling an onion”, layer after layer of Sheer Brilliance.  Apoc identifies his tunes as ‘Post Hip-Hop’  and with the Moniker akin to Hip Hop’s greats Asop Rock and Tupoc I totally see where he’s coming from with that one.

Grab the Free Download or purchase the Limited edition CD in full color sleeve with original artwork by Apoc himself.  Your purchase also includes immediate download of the 12-track album for your ipod or zune player so why not pick it up today.